Spider Rockets' newest release UNLEASHED DIGITALLY on MAY 19, 2009
Monday, 18 May 2009 19:00
Crafting a sound that pushes the line between elegance and aggression, New Jersey-based Spider Rockets has completed work on a self-titled release that is a follow-up to 2007’s buzz-worthy ‘Ever After.’ Spider Rockets has built a large and loyal fan base on the strength of a must-see live show which has seen the group open for many renowned national acts. ‘Spider Rockets’ will be released on Tuesday, May 19th digitally through iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, emusic, Amazon mp3, Best Buy, Puretracks, FYE and other digital portals. The same day, the group will open for Duff McKagan's Loaded at the Gramercy Theater in NYC (Spider Rockets' set time is 8:00-8:30pm). “We recorded with Eric Rachel at Trax East in New Jersey,” explains Helena, the band's lead singer, about the sessions that comprise ‘Spider Rockets.’ “It was pretty stressful as we knew we had a lot to accomplish and were on the clock for all of it with a lot of concentration on every instrument and each layer of sound.” The result is an impressively consistent release from beginning to end, which showcases the quartet’s trademark modern rock sound that manages to be both melodic and muscular. Johnny, the band's lead guitarist, adds “I think the quality of the recording and the music on this CD has taken us to a new place as a band and I’m very excited about it.” Dan agrees “it was a phenomenal experience working with Eric. I feel between us and him in the studio, some great stuff happened.” But according to Helena, there are already some new tracks that are her favorites. “I really like the chorus on the song ‘Kiss You Dead.’ It’s strong and the subject: love and hate makes it compelling. ‘Disease’ has a catchy main riff—how it starts at beginning of the song, launches into the chorus and the energy that builds up to the end. ‘Let it Go’ has a twisting, flowing feel that pulls you in—it shows a different side of us, the guitar and bass bring this song to a different place with a cool Middle Eastern vibe.” Johnny adds, “yeah, I really like ‘Predator’—it has a such a hypnotic verse that propels the song really well into a driving chorus.” Dan, the band's drummer, includes, “one of my favorites is ‘Everything.’ It has such a cool dark energy to it and I love the melody.” As with their past releases, the group plan to tour heavily behind ‘Spider Rockets.’ With the new album already quite an impressive accomplishment, somehow, even greater things seem in store for Spider Rockets.